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We are Froukje & Frans and together we organize this first edition of PLONS! International Short Documentary Film Festival Leeuwarden. After her studies at the University of Amsterdam and the Dutch Film Academy, Froukje returned to the north of the Netherlands where she grew up. Here she met Frans, independent entrepreneur, brewer of Grutte Pier Brewery in Leeuwarden and creative jack-of-all-trades. They soon joined forces to produce autonomous films in the North, Frans in the role of producer and sound recorder and Froukje in the role of director and cinematographer. Currently they are working on a long documentary about Bartlehiem, the place where Froukje grew up, which will be ready in 2020. In recent years, Froukje has been able to visit a lot of international film festivals with her short documentaries, where she saw how filmmakers and public meet the exciting forms, subjects or themes that documentary has to offer. Now they want to bring that same experience back to their birth ground and let you as a visitor dive into the overwhelming diversity of the documentary film.

The first edition of our film festival takes place at a special location: Scheepsatelier Eestroom. A 38 meter long Belgian cargo ship, transformed into a cinema and cultural hotspot. Especially for our festival, the ship moors in the center of Leeuwarden. Here you can, under the wooden shutters and next to the warm stove, enjoy our International Documentary Competition in which documentaries from countries worldwide can be seen. Thanks to the unique location of our film festival on a ship, there will also be a Special Theme Program: Water, in which the tension between water as a friend or an enemy will be sensible. Moreover, there is a Special Midnight Program for the real night owls in which the weirdest, funniest and most absurd Trash Movies are shown.

When selecting films, attention is paid to both subject and theme, as well as the artistic quality of the film. Documentary films with a creative form, both in cinematography and sound, are preferred, so that we constantly try to explore and push the boundaries of documentary film as a form. In this way we hope to make the audience of Leeuwarden and beyond just as enthusiastic for the documentary film as we ourselves already are!

Scheepsatelier Eestroom

Willemskade 72
8911 AZ Leeuwarden

Under the Achmea Tower